Re-Imagineers: Dan Tyler

While you have been a real estate investor throughout your adult life, you ignited a long-time interest in your 50s. You became an amateur competitive boxer! How did that happen? Tell us a bit about the journey!

Being a lifelong boxing fanatic, I went into a boxing gym near my home with the intention of working out, unaware of the existence of a universal masters division for boxing sanctioned by USA Boxing. This division hosts tournaments worldwide, where participants are matched with opponents within a ten-year age range.  I was quickly talked into sparring (fighting). I have to say, I wasn’t completely confident after my first sparring sessions of really getting beat up. I decided I couldn’t leave it like that and had to learn to get better. Many quitno judgment; it’s toughbut after a while, and with lots of commitment, I got a lot better and was beating guys who used to beat me. One of the trainers secretly enrolled me in a very big charity event at the local casino that sat about 5000 people. I knocked the guy out in the third round. I have to say, it was nice fighting someone my own age instead of 30-year-olds at the gym. 

You didn’t just take up boxing as a hobby; you actually have some pretty impressive credentials to show for your work. Don’t be modest. Please share those wins.

I competed in the biggest amateur master’s event in the world and for four years made the finals. Finally, on my last attempt, I became the 195lb Master’s World Champion at age 50. The joy is unexplainable. I had also competed and won at Gleason’s gym in Brooklyn, but not for a championship. 

Aside from becoming a boxer yourself, you started a business managing other boxers! What advice would you give to someone who wants to go deep into a long-simmering or new passion area? Give us some wisdom.

I started managing boxers because I loved watching them develop. I found it very satisfying. Three of my fighters won championship belts. Their joy was my joy. It is extremely taxing and rewarding, both fighting and managing.

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