Re-Imagineer: Yolanda Taylor

You spent 31 years as a flight attendant  (what airline?) and decided to retire and rewire.  First, tell us why you decided to leave your first career?

In my 29th year as a flight attendant with Delta Airlines, I started considering my next chapter. I knew it was time to follow my heart. One of my bucket list goals was to create a successful business that could ignite my passion. 

As a teenager, I came across a magazine and was drawn to a photograph of a woman in a one-shoulder yellow evening gown. That dress showed me the power of style. It wasn’t long before I was obsessed with fashion images and began arranging my garments in ways that caught the attention of people around me. Some years later my passion was fueled by what I saw traveling to fashion centers around the world in my job as a flight attendant.

I became the go-to style advisor for friends and family members. As a got older, I also understood the struggle that women were going through over 40 as their body shapes changed. I wanted to be the answer and the support that women needed as they navigated their personal style during this stage of their lives.

One of the ROAR concepts is to follow your passion into a second career. You have made a big leap into a whole new world of personal styling.  Tell us about this passion and how it led to your decision to jump in with both feet?

My side hustle business – At The Style Table – was created in 2018.  I started slowly with style blogs and working with some clients while still working as a flight attendant and as a caregiver for my dad. COVID forced me into retirement sooner than I expected. I could not take the chance on putting my father’s health at risk with this deadly infectious virus. I was perplexed as to how to continue my business but decided that I would keep the faith and keep pushing and let my business go in the direction that would be best for our family. 

By the end of 2021, I decided to invest in the business full-time with virtual styling services and by expanding my brand with styling tips produced on video. I had lots of apprehensions but I know how much my services can change a person’s life. 

What’s your vision or as we like to say “Your Favorite Future” with regards to this new rewire in the second half of our life?

Now I feel so fulfilled in my new adventure and excited about this next chapter in my life. I now envision creating a world in which the luxury experience of personalized wardrobe styling is an accessible and essential element of self-care.

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