Re-Imagineer: Summer Nilsson

The formative years of your early professional life were in media. You spent four years in advertising at the Dallas Morning News, then representing national magazines like House Beautiful, CosmoGirl and Food Network Magazine.

Your first big Reimagination was to become an entrepreneur. Tell us about that.

I started my own media rep firm in partnership with a colleague. We had offices in Dallas, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, and Detroit. After a while, I realized that I wanted to focus on a more purpose driven life. I sold my interest in the rep firm and launched LINQ, a partnership firm to connect best-in-class brands that shared an interest in shifting narratives, empowering women, and creating game-changing collaborations.

While you were busy with that business, you decided to start writing what would be your first novel! What was the impetus for that decision?

I began writing the manuscript for The Land of the Pines, which is the first book in the Loodor Tales Series, an original series that targets middle grade (Gen Alpha and Gen Z) with storylines to support children’s mental health and social acceptance. The series originated in response to my own nieces. I noticed insecurities forming as a result of their exposure to social media. The series was started to inspire tweens and teens with a message of self-worth, empathy, and kindness. The book debuted as a #1 New Release and achieved bestseller status.  

That’s an incredibly inspiring story. What happened next?

The sequel, The Land of the Strays, debuted in 2022, also as a #1 New Release and Amazon bestseller, and now I’m currently working on the third book in the series. I’ve also completed corresponding film treatments and have big ambitions for the series. 

I have become a Re-Imagineer in the second half of my life as the founder and author of an impact-driven entertainment brand and original content provider that encourages empathy and kindness among kids. I hope to educate, give back, and make a real difference for today’s youth.

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