How Grece Ghanem became a fashion influencer at 59 with 1.6 million followers

As a young woman in Beirut, Lebanon, Grece Ghanem had to learn how to navigate life in her war-torn country. She studied at the American University in Beirut and ultimately earned a Master’s degree in microbiology, but jobs were hard to find due to the political instability. She worked as a dental assistant, married, and had a daughter, Cheyenne. But there were many struggles.

At 39, she realized that she needed to find a better life for herself and her daughter and started the process of leaving Lebanon. At the time, her best choices were Australia and Canada, and she chose Montreal as her place to start all over again.

“Everything that I did and still do is for my daughter. She was 9 years old when we got to Canada and my goal was to show her that she could do anything,” said Ghanem

As a way to make a living, she got a certificate as a personal trainer. Always focused on her health and well-being, she believes that God gave us our gift of life and that we need to take care of ourselves. Her life in Montreal was a success; Cheyenne grew and studied finance at McGill and moved into adulthood.

But then something happened when Grece was in her 50s: she joined Instagram as a hobby since she and her daughter shared the same passion for fashion and photography. Flash forward to today, and at 59, Grece has become a global sensation with 1.6 million followers.

In addition to becoming a runway model at fashion weeks around the world, she has appeared in ads for MAC Cosmetics, Bloomingdales, Sephora, and more. She has worked with brands like J. Crew and Jimmy Choo, and she is just getting started in her second-half-of-life career.

Grece is an inspiration for all women of all ages. She maintains a steady fitness routine of swimming, weight training, and band work. She eats a diet free from dairy and red meat, does intermittent fasting, and believes in taking care of her skin. She is showing people how, as they age, they can live dynamic and stylish lives.

When I asked her what she thought about this new re-imagined life, Grece responded by saying, “I’ve always been a free and independent spirit who believes in chasing my dreams at all times in my life.”

Now she is off on her new amazing journey and what is making it even more special is that her daughter Cheyenne left the banking world to partner with her mom in this new re-invention. What better story is there than that? Get ready to hear and see a lot more from Grece Ghanem. Her ROAR is just beginning.

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