Here’s how you can continue on your path to lifelong learning

We asked Jenny McPhee and Andrea Chambers from New York University’s School of Professional Studies a few questions about the Academy of Lifelong Learning.

We love the name The Academy of Lifelong Learning (ALL) at The School of Professional Studies at New York University. Can you tell us how long it has been in existence and why it was started?

 During its 80 plus year history, the School of Professional Studies at NYU has been devoted to fostering lifelong learning, attending to the educational needs of students in high school through to those at retirement age and beyond. In the past twenty years, we have grown our undergraduate and graduate programs significantly. In the process, we began to sense that we weren’t giving enough attention to our students in the 50 plus age range who are more interested in intellectual stimulation and personal enrichment than in degree programs. So in the summer of 2020, we launched the Academy of Lifelong Learning, a dedicated space catering to our students, mostly above 50, who are seeking rigorous but ungraded courses in the humanities, global affairs, and the arts.

The Academy offers classes in Art History and Architecture, Literature, New Beginnings and more. How many different subject areas are there? What are your most popular topics?

 We have a great variety of courses and are always expanding our offerings. As you note, we have robust programs in literature and art history, but also in cinema and theater studies, music, philosophy, the classics, and so much more. We are very faculty driven, of course. Our faculty not only are experts in their fields, but are dedicated and engaging teachers who love this form of community building through the life of the mind and the pursuit of knowledge.

What is the average length of a course?  Are they online and in person?

We have the whole smorgasbord. Courses can be two or ten sessions or anything in between. They can be in person and online. We strive to accommodate whatever length and format best suit our students by having ample choices.

Is it true that there are discounts for people over 65?

Yes! There is a 25% discount for students 65 and over and a 20% discount for NYU alums.

Where do I go to learn more about The Academy of Lifelong Learning and all of your course offerings and more details?

We have a fantastic, state of the art, very easy to navigate website designed for a seamless user experience: The Academy of Lifelong Learning. We also have an amazing support team to advise students on what courses to take or to help with any registration or other matters.

It is our deep belief–and there is plenty of science to back us up–that staying intellectually engaged in continuing educational pursuits will contribute to a happier, healthier, more stimulating existence. It is so important to stay connected, and at the Academy for Lifelong Learning, we’re all about community and connection.

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