All about TALLY Health, a new consumer biotech company

Melanie Goldey, CEO Tally Health

You have had a storied career to date and now you are the Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors of Tally Health, an early-stage biotechnology company developing solutions to increase healthspan, extend longevity and make healthier aging accessible. Tell us about Tally.

I have always been passionate about the use of technology to disrupt and improve people’s lives, which is why I feel so honored to lead Tally Health and spearhead our mission to change the way we think about aging through science-backed innovation. 

Tally is a consumer biotechnology company co-founded by globally renowned longevity scientist Dr. David Sinclair. Leveraging decades of clinical research, we developed our proprietary next-gen epigenetic clock that was trained to predict a person’s biological age that takes into account differences in lifestyle factors (e.g., sleep, diet, exercise, and stress).

We then offer our members science-backed tools and recommendations to help improve overall wellness at the cellular level, including unique longevity supplements, as we believe aging is a medical condition that is treatable.

Less than 10% of longevity is determined by genetics, meaning over 90% of how you age is based on lifestyle choices and environment. Our mission was to develop a system that incorporates breakthroughs in age-related research and makes it accessible to people interested in improving their biological age, and in turn, their overall health and wellness, so that they can live better, longer. 

Tally was co-founded by Dr. David Sinclair, a professor in the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School.  How did he conceptualize this idea? 

As part of his aging research, David and his team developed a proprietary technology that enables more effective DNA processing, thereby expediting and reducing the overall cost compared to other tests out there. This technology was a key component for our ability to provide a more affordable consumer product. Upon meeting entrepreneur Whitney Casey, a Venture Partner at L Catterton, David polled his Twitter followers asking how many of them would want to know their body’s true age, to an overwhelmingly positive response. Together, with David’s scientific expertise and Whitney’s success in the direct-to-consumer market, they joined forces to fully realize Tally Health as a viable consumer product. 

The company was incubated and backed by L Catterton, a global private equity firm.  Is this their first foray into the age tech space?

This is L Catterton’s first venture into age tech and at-home longevity testing space. There is a massively untapped opportunity in the consumer longevity sector, with the global longevity economy projected to reach an astounding $27 trillion in 2026 and the AgeTech segment alone reaching $2.7 trillion by 2025. With global consumer interest in both at-home testing and longevity, the team at L Catterton decided to incubate and back Tally Health.   

As you look out over the next several years, what is the goal for Tally? How would you characterize success?

Today’s healthcare system addresses medical conditions one by one — but many of these conditions and diseases are the symptoms of aging. We want to give as many people as possible access to the scientific information and tools that can empower them to address the root cause of aging, in a way that is personalized to them. 

Looking ahead, we hope to expand research and development of new products and additional features and technology integrations to allow members to seamlessly integrate their TallyAge™ feedback into their daily lifestyle through the digital member experience. We also hope to expand outside of the United States in the next few years.

How do our subscribers learn more about Tally and become a member to start a journey to healthier aging?

To learn more about the Tally Health age test and digital experience, please visit and follow us on social @tallyhealth.

Melanie Goldey is a dynamic executive with deep experience driving strategic and operational excellence and building world-class teams at technology-enabled, high-growth, public and private companies through periods of scale and transformation. Melanie is the Chief Executive Officer of Tally Health, a biotech company developing science-backed tools and resources to help consumers increase healthspan, extend longevity, and age healthier. Prior to Tally, she was COO & CFO of TMRW Life Sciences, a life sciences tech company providing an automated, software-guided specimen management solution for the egg and embryos used in IVF. Previously, Melanie served as CFO of Refinery29, and as SVP of Everyday Health Group.

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