5 things you should know from mind coach Manjit Devgun


Every thought that you think navigates your life path. Every thought can be a driver to a more creative web of inspiration and achievement, or it can add to anxiety and overwhelm. When we spend time allowing our physical bodies to be still and slow down the brainwaves by closing our eyes, herein is the beauty, the opening to the subconscious part of our brain.

When the mind is in a state of alpha or theta instead of the awake go-go-go beta brain wave state, we engage the sympathetic branch of the nervous system, which keeps the body on guard and in survival mode. Many people live every day continuously in this state, with an elevated heart rate and in anxiety mode. The blood doesn’t give preference to the vital organs to nourish them, instead, it’s flowing more to the legs and arms to get us ready to run. … But to run away from what? Our thoughts? Our fears? Well, we know it’s not a tiger anymore because we are not living in hunter/gatherer times.

On the other hand, we can use visualization to relax the body and this is where the subconscious mind feels safe enough to open up. In this relaxed state, it becomes “malleable.” This is where the beauty of neuroplasticity takes place, which is the brain’s ability to change itself. By using self-hypnosis in this state, you can update old unwanted habits and visualize what you are for, instead of being fueled by old patterns and programs. Your mind is brilliant and powerful. You have more agency over your healing than you may realize. Simply update your limiting beliefs by accessing the subconscious mind.


We have to all have a little compassion for ourselves. Over the last 12 years especially, we have more information, an overwhelming amount of data, and access to more screens than ever before. The information, in many cases, is sensationalized to grab our attention or to hijack the amygdala (guard dog) of our brain. We are being kept on high alert either by the news, social media feeds, or by our boss/work via emails. It certainly wasn’t like this for our parents’ generation. The result of this has had a detrimental effect on our nervous system. We have become a nation of shallow and fast breathers. Studies show that when you breathe deeper, longer breaths, you can increase your lung capacity, boost immunity, and add seven years to your life expectancy.

You can eliminate anxiety by spending just three minutes a day breathing slowly and exhaling twice as long. (There are 12 free guided breathwork sessions on the Manjit app for this!) allows you to use all that energy that used to be spent on rumination to create the life that you want instead. When you are not anxious, you find that the longer you spend in a relaxed state, the more easily you come up with new ideas and solutions to things that had previously been difficult to resolve.


Spend just three minutes every day working on a habit that you wish to change. For example, if you want to exercise, don’t even bother putting on your gym clothes! Just set a scheduled time of three minutes, perhaps after you brush your teeth, and add a small reward to indulge in afterward. This can be something simple such as having your first cup of coffee after the workout. This way, you will start to implement it easily into your day as a non-negotiable. You simply do one minute of jumping jacks, hold a plank for as long as you can, and do one minute of squats. It’s over before you know it! The same is true if you wish to learn a language or embark on a meditation, breathwork, or visualization practice. You never go over the three minutes until you are ready to commit to doing four minutes from that day onward. Therefore, you are weaving that habit deep into the subconscious mind, increment by increment. Overzealous commitments are not impossible to fulfill, but the brain loves comfort and is lazy as its job is to keep us safe and use up the least amount of effort. Small, easy steps are more inviting and release feel-good hormones quicker and more often. Celebrate the small wins every day and watch your energy increase and your life change exponentially overall.


It’s vital to keep re-inventing yourself as you grow with the ever-evolving wisdom and knowledge that you have accumulated over the years. The version of you as a twenty-year-old has different objectives than the fifty- or seventy-year-old version of you. As we become wiser, we may have a more altruistic view of our career and the impact we want to make on the world. We search for true meaning and purpose and perhaps unlike our parents’ generation, we now have more knowledge and science to know we will live longer. I always advise my clients to lean into more joy of what they love doing, that is always an indicator of where you may want to direct your second or third career. Keep re-inventing yourself based on your heartfelt desires and not what society and culture expect from you. All we have is this moment and spending a lifetime stuck in a career that we might not enjoy or be scared to take the risk for and change will only lead us to feel regret at the end of our long life. This is where I am passionate about guiding people to work through their limiting beliefs. Do not suppress what makes you happy. You can do it as a hobby and it will show you when you fuel the fire, how you can generate a whole other income from it.


Often, when things come up as overwhelm and frustration, instead of looking at them with fear, be open to how life is inviting you to grow and expand. Who are you on the other side of this obstacle or fear that you have to overcome, get through, solve, or dissolve?

We can be triggered perhaps by that feeling of not being good enough, or smart or experienced enough, but when we slow down, we remind ourselves that we might even enjoy some of the learning curve and gain satisfaction from the experience that is now ours.

A big example for me is when the co-founder of my business left and I felt abandoned and devastated. How can I possibly know how to run the tech side of my app? At the end of the day, I’m actually grateful for this technical experience, even though the learning curve for the tech business side can be gruesome for my creative brain. There is something fulfilling about the accomplishment that I never expected to enjoy.

Even if you have to learn information that you are not passionate about, know that you are enhancing your ability to retain information overall, which only improves brain cognition. As Rumi once stated, “If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?”

Let’s invite those people who trigger us to reveal our shadow work yet to be done.

Manjit is a leading mind coach of Sikh Punjabi descent. Growing up singing kirtan and practicing meditation, Manjit learned the discipline of self-awareness and mind-body connection. For the last eight years, she has found that her clients have benefited from a more personalized and integrated approach to breaking through negative patterns and manifesting goals.

Manjit has channeled these learnings into her unique coaching method of integrative self-hypnosis, breathwork, energy healing, and mindfulness techniques. This formula has helped CEOs and celebrity clients around the world, including corporations such as Chanel, Google, Estee Lauder, The New York Times, Gates Ventures, and Squarespace. She has also been featured in Forbes, Vogue, Allure, NYMag, NYPost, and twice on the morning Today Show with Hoda and Jenna.



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